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Buying a home without professional inspections?

Unless you're buying a new home with warranties on most equipment, it's highly recommended that you get property, roof and termite inspections. This way you'll know what you are buying.

Inspection reports are great negotiating tools when asking the seller to make needed repairs. When a professional inspection company like Bonafide Inspectors recommends that certain repairs be done, the seller is more likely to agree to do them.

If the seller agrees to make repairs, have Bonafide Inspectors verify that they are done prior to close of escrow. Do not assume that everything was done as promised. If you are considering purchasing a residential or commercial property protect yourself by requesting Bonafide Inspectors to inspect your property today.


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Mold Inspections, Samplingand TESTING

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We provide thorough and comprehensive Mold inspection and testing.

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Bonafide Inspectors® monitors and maintains your standard safety checklist which covers prevention of potential hazards for homeowners, construction employees, equipment and/or property.

  • Residential Inspections
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Mold / Mycotoxins Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Moisture Testing
  • Lead Based Paint Testing
  • Bank Progress
  • Drone Roof
  • Roof Inspections
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