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Buying a home without professional inspections?

Unless you're buying a new home with warranties on most equipment, it's highly recommended that you get property, roof and termite inspections. This way you'll know what you are buying.

Inspection reports are great negotiating tools when asking the seller to make needed repairs. When a professional inspection company like Bonafide Inspectors recommends that certain repairs be done, the seller is more likely to agree to do them.

If the seller agrees to make repairs, have Bonafide Inspectors verify that they are done prior to close of escrow. Do not assume that everything was done as promised. If you are considering purchasing a residential or commercial property protect yourself by requesting Bonafide Inspectors to inspect your property today.


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Why would I need a home inspection in the first place?
A home inspection’s report could mean the difference in purchasing a home you will be happy in to purchasing a home you are constantly spending money on in the form of repairs and unpleasant surprises. A home inspection’s goal is to find the apparent defects in a home and alert you of them. Then, you can go over the results of the inspection to see whether or not a home is worth your time and money to purchase and if it is safe to live in. Even if you aren’t purchasing a home, our inspectors can still do a home maintenance inspection to alert you to possible maintenance issues that you might not be aware of. A home maintenance inspection can be for your primary residence, a vacation home, or even a rental property.
Can’t I just look for the defects myself while doing my walkthrough? Why do I have to pay you for that?
A home inspector is a highly trained professional who specializes in identifying possible issues with a house. He or she will know what to look for regarding defects and safety hazards to both you and your family. They use various tools and equipment in addition to their knowledge about the inner workings of a house’s components and systems to investigate your prospective home for problems. Any problems found will be addressed in a computer generated report that can be used to either negotiate the terms of purchase, the price of the home, aid in getting a renovation loan, or just deciding to move on to another property. A home inspection report will carry more gravity in a possible negotiation with the parties involved with a home sale than just your own observations. This can save you a lot of money in the long term in regards to home repairs if you can get the seller to either repair the defects or lower the price to allow for you to afford them yourself.
Is a home inspector a code inspector?
A home inspector is not a code inspector, nor does a home inspector know all the applicable codes for a the territory they service. Every municipality uses their own set of building codes in addition to the national building codes, so a code violation in one area might be acceptable in another. A home inspector uses their knowledge of both local and national building practices to assess a home’s condition. A home inspector is there to provide peace of mind to a prospective buyer that the home they are interested in is safe and has no apparent issues that interfere with its livability, comfort, and its mechanical systems are functioning properly. However, any issues that are discovered may constitute code violations under the Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction in your area. Home inspectors cannot provide a Certificate of Occupancy for your property either. Only a municipal inspector who works for your local township can do that for you.
What are the Standards of Practice?
Bonafide Inspectors® uses the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice. As stated in the ASHI Standards of Practice Section 2: PURPOSE AND SCOPE: Line 2.1: “The purpose of the Standards of Practice is to establish a minimum and uniform standard for home inspectors who subscribe to these Standards of Practice. Home inspections performed to these Standards of Practice are intended to provide the client with objective information regarding the condition of the systems and components of the home as inspected at the time of the home inspection.” In simple terms, the Standards of Practice govern the inspection process of a home. They also state what a home inspector is to do, and what they are not supposed to do. For example, if a furnace is turned off at the gas line, they are not to test it before first verifying why it has been turned off. There might be something wrong with the furnace and turning on the gas line might cause a safety hazard to themselves and others. Or, if they enter a room, and it is full of belongings that make the room hard to investigate, the inspector is not required to move the belongings to investigate it. Another example would be if the inspector feels that either entering a crawlspace or walking a roof is not safe, they are not required to.
How long does an inspection usually take? Am I required to be there?
A home inspection’s length of time can be anywhere from two hours to three hours depending on home size. A home under 2000 square feet could be about two hours, and any home with more square footage would understandably take more time. It could be more or less than the stated time amounts, but those numbers are about the average. As a home inspection can take such a long time, it might not be convenient for you to be present for the whole inspection. It is very understandable that a client might want to observe a home inspection as they are interested in the home and may be very emotional towards it. However, if the home is occupied, the homeowners might feel bothered by too many people observing their house. It is still their home, so it’s natural that they would not feel at ease with multiple strangers peeking around it, even if they seem outwardly okay with it. It is advisable that you show up towards the end of the home inspection for a general walkthrough of the home where the inspector will show you their findings. It is also better if the inspector has the least amount of distraction as possible in order to more efficiently investigate a home for you, the client.
When should I be expecting a report back? What will be in the report?
Our Inspection Agreement states anywhere from one to three business days, however the actual wait time is usually within a twenty-four hour window. The reason for the three day window in the agreement is because an inspector can have multiple inspections they are writing reports for, so the wait time could be longer depending on the home sizes, or quantity of homes that the inspector is currently writing reports on. In the report, there will be a cover page, a report about the status of the property, a summary page, and pictures of found defects will also be included. If a defect is discovered, it will be described in a wording that is easy to understand, a picture of said defect will be provided, and a recommendation will be made in how to correct the defect.
Will anyone be shown the report besides myself?
The contents of the report are confidential, and we will only divulge the information contained within the report to you. Any other party that wishes to have knowledge of the report, be it your Real Estate Agent, the Seller, the Seller’s Agent, Loan Officials, Lawyers, and so-on and so-forth will only be allowed to view it with your written and signed authorization. The report will be sent to only you via a link in your email and you will be able to view it from there. A paper copy can also be available upon request. However, after receiving the report, you may share it with whoever you wish.
Do you do commercial inspections?
The answer is, yes, we do commercial inspections. Commercial inspections are known as Walk-Through Surveys, and the inspector is known as a Field Observer. We only inspect light commercial buildings and complexes that are around 20,000 square feet. Some good examples of light commercial properties we would inspect are a restaurant, a convenience store, or a small shopping center. We do not inspect manufacturing plants or commercial buildings that house heavy industry. The prospective buyer is not required to be present at the time of inspection. Please ensure, however, someone will be there to allow the Field Observer to access all areas of the property that need to be inspected. If the Field Observer is unable to access, for example, a utility room or a roof hatch, because no one was present to allow access to these areas, they will not be able to be inspected. A Walk-Through Survey can take two to four hours to complete, depending on the size of the property, and the type of commercial building it is.
Are you an Appraisal Firm?
A home inspector and an appraiser are two different professions. There are similarities between the two, but a home inspector is mostly concerned with making sure a home has no defects or issues that would affect the livability of a home and the safety and comfort of its occupants, whereas an appraiser is concerned with how the condition of a home affects its price in relation to other homes in the area.
What affects the cost of a home inspection?
There are many factors than can affect the cost from geographical location, the square footage of a home, the amount of rooms to be inspected, and the age of a home among other factors. All the aforementioned factors can also play a part in the pricing of a Walk-Through Survey. The best way to find out what it would cost to inspect a house would be to either call us or send us an email for pricing. Please make sure you include all relevant information about the home such as the address, the square footage, and the amount of rooms and bathrooms for example. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Our phone number is 484-514-1184 and our fax is 484-514-1838. Our email is
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Bonafide Inspectors® monitors and maintains your standard safety checklist which covers prevention of potential hazards for homeowners, construction employees, equipment and/or property.

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